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Impact of 14 days of bed rest in older adults and an exercise countermeasure on body composition, muscle strength and cardiovascular function: Canadian space agency standard measures.

Hajj-Boutros, G., Sonjak, V., Faust, A., Hedge, E., Mastrandrea, C., Lagacé, J. C., ... & Morais, J. A. 2023


Achievement of the ABC goal among Canadians with type 2 diabetes and the influence of physical activity: data from the Canadian Health Measures Survey..

Marcotte-Chénard, A., Maréchal, R., Ghachem, A., Cohen, A., & Riesco, E. 2023

Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism.

The effect of exercise modalities on walking capacity in patients with intermittent claudication: a network meta-analysis.

Tremblay, R., Marcotte-Chénard, A., Hamelin-Morrissette, J., Poirier, L., Perron, P. N., Durivage, A., Mampuya, W. M., Huard, G., Riesco, E. 2023

Journal of Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation and Prevention, 43(5), 318-328.

Relieving chronic musculoskeletal pain in older adults using transcranial direct current stimulation: Effects on pain intensity, quality, and pain-related outcomes.

Harvey, M. P., Martel, M., Houde, F., Daguet, I., Riesco, E., & Léonard, G. 2022

Frontiers in Pain Research, 3, 817984.

Effects of Low-Volume High-Intensity Interval Training Compared to Moderate-Intensity Continuous Training on Inflammatory Profile in Women with Type 2 Diabetes.

Marcotte-Chénard, A., Tremblay, R., Mony, M. M., Tremblay, D., Boulay, P., Brochu, M., ... & Riesco, E. 2022

Advances in Geriatric Medicine and Research, 4(3).

Increased odds of having the metabolic syndrome with greater fat‐free mass: counterintuitive results from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey database.

Lagacé, J. C., Marcotte‐Chenard, A., Paquin, J., Tremblay, D., Brochu, M., & Dionne, I. J. 2022

Journal of Cachexia, Sarcopenia and Muscle, 13(1), 377-385.

Impact of dehydration on perceived exertion during endurance exercise: A systematic review with meta-analysis.

Deshayes, T. A., Pancrate, T., & Goulet, E. D. 2022

Journal of Exercise Science & Fitness.

Cognitive Performance Before and Following Habituation to Exercise-Induced Hypohydration of 2 and 4% Body Mass in Physically Active Individuals.

Deshayes, T. A., Daigle, N., Jeker, D., Lamontagne-Lacasse, M., Perreault-Briere, M., Claveau, P., ... & Goulet, E. D. 2022

Nutrients, 14(5), 935.

Transcriptomic modulation in response to high-intensity interval training in monocytes of older women with type 2 diabetes.

Hamelin Morrissette, J., Tremblay, D., Marcotte-Chénard, A., Lizotte, F., Brunet, M. A., Laurent, B., ... & Geraldes, P. 2022

European Journal of Applied Physiology, 122(4), 1085-1095.

Obesity among postmenopausal women: what is the best anthropometric index to assess adiposity and success of weight-loss intervention?

Ghachem, A., Marcotte-Chénard, A., Tremblay, D., Prud’homme, D., Rabasa-Lhoret, R., Riesco, E., ... & Dionne, I. J. 2021

Menopause, 28(6), 678-685.

Acute and chronic effects of low-volume high-intensity interval training compared to moderate-intensity continuous training on glycemic control and body composition in older women with type 2 diabetes.

Marcotte-Chénard, A., Tremblay, D., Mony, M. M., Boulay, P., Brochu, M., Morais, J. A., ... & Riesco, E. 2021

Obesities, 1(2), 72-87.

Impact of repeated acute exposures to low and moderate exercise-induced hypohydration on physiological and subjective responses and endurance performance

Deshayes, T. A., Daigle, N., Jeker, D., Lamontagne-Lacasse, M., Perreault-Briere, M., Claveau, P., ... & Goulet, E. D. 2021

Nutrients, 13(12), 4477.

Prevalence of sarcopenic obesity using different definitions and the relationship with strength and physical performance in the Canadian longitudinal study of aging.

Purcell, S. A., Mackenzie, M., Barbosa-Silva, T. G., Dionne, I. J., Ghosh, S., Siervo, M., ... & Prado, C. M. 2021

Frontiers in physiology, 11, 583825.

Exercising for Insulin Sensitivity–Is There a Mechanistic Relationship With Quantitative Changes in Skeletal Muscle Mass?

Paquin, J., Lagacé, J. C., Brochu, M., & Dionne, I. J. 2021

Frontiers in Physiology, 12, 656909.

Feasibility of an Intradialytic Combined Exercise Program Targeting Older Adults With End-Stage Renal Disease.

Parent-Roberge, H., Deshayes, T. A., Fortier, C., Marquis, K., Lacharité-Lemieux, C., Rodrigue, C., ... & Riesco, E. 2021

Journal of Aging and Physical Activity, 29(6), 905-914.

Low-volume walking HIIT: Efficient strategy to improve physical capacity and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease in older women with type 2 diabetes.

Marcotte-Chenard, A., Tremblay, D., Mony, M. M., Brochu, M., Dionne, I. J., Langlois, M. F., ... & Riesco, E. 2021

Diabetes & Metabolic Syndrome: Clinical Research & Reviews, 15(5), 102233.

Exercise as a Promising Strategy to Manage Cluster Headache Pain: A Case Report.

Marcotte-Chénard, A., Mathieu, D., Riesco, E., & Léonard, G. 2020

Douleur et Analgésie, 33(3), 157-161.